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Nobody looks like the girls in the magazine
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Ok…now what?

I am laughing so goddamn hard at this

it’s like… I imagine this is what a pole dance at an asexual bar looks like

just me and a bunch of other asexuals admiring the strength required to rotate off the ground like this indefinitely

I;m dying


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Scheisse im Kopf
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When I try to copy a line from the console during execution

/* by maosis */

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I always struggled drawing hands before anyone told me what to do. So here is a HANDy dandy drawing reference to see the steps on an actual hand. There are three big muscles in the palm. The thumb lump is most important because without it you’ll never even get the shape right. Circle up the knuckles and draw bendy lines (red) to connect them. Make sure the fingers go from medium-tall-short-shortest just slightly (index=>pinky finger). Notice the big red squareish shape around the palm-that’s the first thing I do. Note: every infer has 2 knuckles don’t forget the thumb does too…just in a weird way.


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Well put, Washington Post.


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i don’t normally write on the walls, but i was getting pretty pissed.
like, who the fuck says i can’t be smart and have sex at the same time?
i could literally get eaten out and recite the quadratic formula if i damn well please.


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Latin abbreviations to shine in your essays
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Chip away a little more every day
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